Picks Results : NBA games March 30th

Hi guys, another good day for us 2 out of 3 only 76ers loss in overtime did us wrong. it’s still 66% winning rate.

We will give away some picks later today.

NBA winners and loosers : in season trades

Let’s talk some basketball, a mounth and a half after the trade dealine we will check this out.


Memphis Grizzlies : Jeff Green is what the doctor ordered form them, he can play the 3 or the 4 he can  score with ease. He will help them in the playoffs no doubt about that.

OKC Thunders : In a league with no dominant big man Kanter looks like a beast he is doing well DJ Augustine is happy playing as a back up and Waiterscan create he’s own shoot, they dind’nt had someone like that since Harden. Ofcourse they need Durant to make noise in the playoffs but they are a way better team right now.

Houston Rockets : Josh smith, Corey Brewer and prigioni are just doing great, they have some playoff experience they will help Harden do well in the playoffs as a rockets.

I also like Miami, Dallas and Cleveland moves, i think that will pay off on the long run Dragic is already doing well, and Rondo (if he stays, i think he will) just need a good training camp so he can adapt to Carlisle’s system, and also the coach to Rondo’s style of play.


Philadelphia 76ers : It’s just confusing, i understand that they are looking for the future but loosing there   point guard is a bad move, it does’nt show on stats because they were already very bad. It is a point guards league for now and it will be hard to find a better PG than Carter.

Phoenex suns : They had a good team with an identity the three guards system they were in need for a  big man who can defend the likes of Aldridge, Griffin and all the other fours. But now they are just pressing the reset button, all what they did last year is lost.

There are teams that really benefit from the in season trades but not because of the the players acquired, but by gaining team chemestry like the Celtics and Pistons.