NBA Playoffs : Last Call Last Call

It is the last game of the regular season and we still don’t know who’s in the playoffs and who’s not.

I will not talk about the seeding in the west from 2 to 6, i will only talk about the last playoffs spots in the east and in the west.

The East :

One spot is still up for grab between Brooklyn and Indiana, Brooklyn is hosting Orlando and needs this win to keep there playoff hopes alive. At the same time Indiana is going to Memphis having there destiny on there hands a win for them equals a playoff spot.

I see Indiana wining in Memphis and getting their tickets for the post season.

The West :

There is also a spot up for grab between Oklahoma City and New Orleans, if New Orleans at home wins against the Spurs they are in the playoffs, if not they are opening the door for Oklahoma city who is playing in Minnesota.

I see New Orleans loosing to the hot hot Spurs (the Spurs needs this one to get the 2 spot in the west), and at the same time Westbrook will get the win for his OKC.

Indiana and Oklahoma City will play the playoffs this year.