Picks Results : NBA games March 30th

Hi guys, another good day for us 2 out of 3 only 76ers loss in overtime did us wrong. it’s still 66% winning rate.

We will give away some picks later today.

Picks Results : Internatonal games March 28th

Hi guys, not a bad day we got 2 out 3 only Holland dindn’t won, so we are 6 out 9 overall 66% winning.

I will post some NBA picks later on.

Picks : Internatonal games March 28th

Let’s get some picks for todays international game i want to watch Holland Turkey that will be a good game to watch, this game a side i don’t see any other watchable game.

Let’s talk pick!

Pick1 : Croatia wins against Norway at 1.45

Croatia is just the better team they will get Modric back only 1 point separate the two and Croatia just can’t miss this opportunity.

Pick2 : Holland wins against Turkey at 1.50

Must win for Holland they are 3rd and 6 points behind Check republic and iceland, to preserve there chances for qualifying they have to get this one at home against the 4th place Turkey.

Pick3 : Belguim halftime/fulltime against Cyprus at 1.44

Same situation as Holand must win for them at home, they in 4th place, they have to start playing some wining football, that why i see them socoring alot and scoring fast.