Picks : NBA April 9th

Hi guys, we have only two NBA games tonight, those are TNT games so i guess all teams will play them 100% even the Warriors, but i’m only giving one pick for tonight games.

Pick : CHI Bulls @ MIA Heats i’ going with the Heats at (+1)

Chicago is in their 2nd game of a back to back, and without saying it out loud i think they are tanking for the 4th place, they don’t want to face the Cavs in the 2nd round of the plaoffs. On the other side Miami is desperate for a win to keep their hopes alive to qualify for the playoffs that’s why i’m going with the Heat.

Picks : NBA April 8th

Hi guys let’s give away some NBA picks, it is the end of the season and things are getting tricky who is playing and who is resting, there are still some playoff implicatios but not for all teams so let’s do this.

Pick1 : BOS Celtics @ DET Pistons i’m going with Boston at (-1.5)

Boston really needs this win to stay in the 8th place they are only a half game in front of Miami, i think Celtics’s will preveals in this one.

Pick2 : PHX Suns @ DAL Mavs i’m going with the Mavs at (-8.5)

The Suns have a little chance to get to the playoffs, but they are just playing bad, the Mavs also not playing to their potentiel, but they had 3 days of rest and as coach Carisle said they need to play better in those last regular season games, so i dont expect them to rest anybody that’s why i’m going with them.

Picks : NBA April 2nd

Let’s do some NBA picks

Pick1 : Phoenix Suns @ GS Warriors i’m going with the Warriors at (-12.5)

Even if the Warriors rest some players i still go with them, they are unstopoble at home, and Phoenix just lost there mojo after the trade deadline, they really have nothing to play for, so let’s go Warriors for this one.

Pick2 : Houston Rockets @ Dallas Mavericks i’m going with the Rockets at (+2.5)

Dallas just won a crutial game yesterday, now haven some seperation From Okc, i expect them to relax a little and i just can’ bet against the man of the moment Harden he is doing it right and doing it big.

Pick3 : Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers i’m going with the Cavs at (-10.5)

This game have some playoff implacations, as this one might be a first round playoff matchup, so for this reason i expect the Cavs and a well rested Lebron to avenge there blowout loss at Miami and take this one by a large margin.


Picks : NBA March 31st

Hi guys it’s time for some nba picks.

Pick1 : GSW Warriors @ LA Clippers i’m going with the Clippers at (-3)

Both teams are very succesfull of late they are on a 7 and 9 games wining streak, i’m going with the home team, the Clippers needs this one more than the Warriors. Between those 2 teams the home team seem to win most of the time.

Pick2 : IND Pacers @ BKN Nets i’m taking the Nets at (-2)

The Nets will score with ease and of late i saw theme defend better thats why i’m going with them. The Pacers just can’t score they really need Miles or Hill to go for a big game to win, and those two players scoring is not that easy for them.

Only 4 games in todays NBA schedule that’s why i’m picking only 2.


Picks Results : NBA games March 30th

Hi guys, another good day for us 2 out of 3 only 76ers loss in overtime did us wrong. it’s still 66% winning rate.

We will give away some picks later today.

NBA Picks for March 30th games

Hi guys let’s give away some nba picks for today’s games

Pick1 : LA Lakers @ PHI 76ers i’m goin with the 76ers at (-4.5)

I think 76ers defense will do the job they are competing at equal talent with the lakers they will win, both teams are coming from a defeat last night, the travel will play against the lakers.

Pick2 : Sac Kings @ MEM Grizzlies i’m going with the Grizzlies at (-8)

The Griz are the better team no doubt but not only that they really are in need of a win and a good performance after there 3 loosing streak againt a much better competetion.

Pick3 : HOU Rockets @ TOR Rpators i’ going with the Raptors at (-2)

The raptors will be well rested for this one, even without Lowry they will be good enough the beat a banged Houston team that is playing there second game of a back to back, wihout Howard, Beverley and Terrence Jones.