NBA Playoffs : Day11 and Day12 Review

Let’s talk some playoffs and see how the remaining first round series are progressing.

Houston Vs. Dallas series’s won by Houston 4-1

Before the starts of the series i was looking for a more competitive one, but Houston played at a higher level from what i was expecting, yes they are a one man defense and that’ Howard who looks healthy and ready but they did play well behind Harden. From the Dallas point of view it is disappointing, Parson injury you can’t do much about that but the most disappointing is Rondo, he was a disturbing factor. The clock is running for them and they need to attract some free agents this summer the point guard position is there priority(Dragic would be a perfect fit for them).

Memphis Vs. Portland series’s won by Memphis 4-1

Memphis was great from Tony Allen defense to Big men passes, to there bench productions this team did great, Conley’s injury was the reason for them loosing game 4 but it wasn’t bad for the tem that gives him more time to recover and be ready for the second round. For Portland i really have nothing bad to say about them they banged up Wesley not playing Aflallo not healthy and missing the first 2 games, Batum and Aldridge not being 100% this team can’t do much against Memphis, but still they give good minutes to McCollum and Leonard and that will help them next season, going to this summer they will have one thing in mind KEEP Aldridge.

Clippers 107 Vs. 111 San Antonio series’s 3-2 for San Antonio

I saw a very good game 5 from both team, they are both championship caliber teams and unfortunately we will loose one of them by the end of the series. Te adjustment by the Spurs in this game is No 3’s, they run everyone from the 3 points line that result’s for some driving lines for CP3 and good dunks from DeAndre. No one will out coach the other in this series, it will come down to the X factors and in this one Diaw, Mills and Belinelli did more than Austin, Crawford and Davis. we’ll what what happens tonight i’m so excited.

Atlanta 107 Vs. 97 Brooklyn series’s 3-2 for Atlanta

Atlanta needs everybody to play 100% and when they stop moving the ball and going one on one with Millsap or Horford that’s there down point, they need to keep the ball in Teague’s hand and let him break Brooklyn’s defense down. For Brooklyn they are making a series out of this match up, they are keeping the games close, so when clutch time comes they can rely on there individual talent to make plays, but i still want them to, i don’t know if they watched Memphis games because they need to learn to make good entry passes early in the shoot clock to Lopez so he can operate, he is there only unguardable player on the court make good use of him.

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NBA Playoffs : Day 9 Review

We had 3 games last night let’s see what happened.

Chicago 88 Vs. 94 Milwaukee series is 3-2 for Chicago

The Milwaukee team is getting more confident, they still lack some good offense execution by the end of the game, but they are wining by there defense and that’s a good sign for a young team. For the Chicago side i didn’t see any sens of urgency they were thinking that’s being at home it will be easy and it’s not, it’s was an individual effort they played like one at a time sometimes it’s Buttler sometimes it’s Pau it’a hard to win like that. For Chicago there is no reason to panic they won at Milwaukee and they can do it again they just need to focus. For Milwaukee they have nothing to lose or like more it’s bonus time win a game i think it was the goal and wining another one away from home that’s great, they need to keep it loose to play with no pressure they are not supposed to go to a game 7 anyway so keep playing to your strength create turnovers and push the ball.

Memphis 92 Vs. 99 Portland series is 3-1 for Memphis

First big game from Lillard why? Easy Conley wasn’t playing as good as Udrih is he put ‘s less pressure on Lillard and that gives him more energy in attack, Batum and Aldrige where good too, Aflallo wasn’t playing well but what he did is let McCollum come of the bench and give Portland a good scorer from the bench. On the other side Conley is expected to be back in game 5 and rotation will go to normal they missed his passes and penetrations more than his scoring i’m not really worried about them they will finish the job at home as long as Conley is playing.

Atlanta 115 Vs.120 Brooklyn series is tied at 2-2

This is the kind of game Brooklyn wants it’s a high scoring game with not much defense, Brooklyn lacks defense not individual attacking talents, they have that and in a close game they have player to make the difference and create shoots for them selfs and others. On the other side Atlanta is a team concept basketball in offense and also in defense, so they need to get there defense tight and keep sharing the ball as long as the only player that’s hurting them is Lopez they will be in a good shape to win. D. Will did great in this game i see no reason for this performance to be repeated just because Teague is a better player and have to put more pressure on him in offense and in defense. I still see this one ending in 6 for Atlanta.

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NBA Playoffs : Weekend Review

let’s see what happened is the NBA the last 2 days, i saw a lot of basketball but not only, i saw also some MMA and Wrestling on the basketball court.

Cleveland Vs. Boston series over 4-0 for Cleveleand

The Celtics made all games close but their lack of talent does not allow them to win one. I have to talk about Perkins just stupid play against Crowder, and also J.R Smith elbowing the same Crowder. You know what, Karma guys in a normal ball play Love gets hurts and he is out for at least 2 weeks. Yes Boston got swept but it is a learning process for them and for the Cavs they won a series that they where supposed to win, we will know more about James team i the second round.

Toronto Vs. Washington series over 4-0 for Washington

Washington is the good surprise of the playoffs first round, they impressed me a lot, i knew that they will go as far as Wall and Beal take them and this duo is playing very well. On the other side what to say about Toronto, i’m pretty sure that Lowry is hurt he is not the all-star player that he was but it wasn’t the only thing i didn’t see any team spirit. Toronto will have a question to answer, and the question is : this team is good enough to continue with or they need to do some moves? For me they need a player at the 3 position Ross is not doing the job, they need someone who can take some pressure of DeRozen and Lowry.

Clippers 114 Vs. 105 San Antonio series’s tied at 2-2

The Clippers bench was key Davis Austin and Crawford did great, on the other side it’s hard to win when Spliter and Green put zero point. This is a series of very high level coaching, so from game to game we will get the right adjustments

Chicago 90 Vs. 92 Milwaukee series’s 3-1 for Chicago

Too much turnovers for the Bulls, that’s hurting them a lot because in half court their defense is elite. I’m very happy that the Bucks were able to win one that’s very good for the young team that they are and for the building process that they are in.

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NBA Playoffs : Day5 Review and Scott Brooks

Before i talk about Playoffs i have to talk about Scott Brooks i have to talk about him, he just got fired by OKC and you can’t be happy about someone loosing his job, but basketball talking he wasn’t doing a good job, i really never saw the team run plays it was one on one with Durant and Westbook, that maybe what this franchise needs to get a ring.

Now let’s see what happened tonight in the NBA playoffs world.

Atlanta 96 Vs. 91 Brooklyn

It was the game to steal for Brooklyn. The score does not tell the story, it was a 1 possession game with like 28 second to go, and D. Will. had a wild open look that he wasn’t able to make, but i have to say that it was the right play, it’s just basketball. Atlanta missed a lot of open looks in that game so i think they have nothing to worry about yes they still can’t defend Lopez but Brooklyn is helping them by not going to him very often.

It was good playoff game with energy and intensity i want to see more of that.

Memphis 97 Vs. 82 Portland

After the first quarter, Memphis took the lead and never look back. T.Allen was a beast in defense C. Lee did good in offense and Memphis was balling to the end. Portland miss Afflalo but not only they need to find good looks for Lillard and they need better effort from Batum.

This game was L. Aldrige against the Grizz and you know what The Grizz won.

L.A Clippers Vs. San Antonio

I will do the review tomorrow for this one it’s getting to late

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NBA Playoffs : Day 3 and 4 Review

We watched a lot of games but i have to be honest not a lot of playoff intensity basketball, that’s why i will do this review differently i was planing to analyze game by game but i saw my self repeating what i had already said on the preview or in the 1st games review. So let’s see the good surprises the bad ones.

Good Surprises :

  • My big surprise is the Washington Wizards win 2 games in Toronto is no easy task and i have to say that they make it looks easy. Wall and Beal are healthy and balling, the bench is looking good and Pierce is helping them a lot.
  • Houston impressed me, Harden will always be Harden i knew it before the start of the series but was i was doubting is the bench, you know what they are doing great Brewer is fantastic, and they are getting good minutes from everybody Prigioni is good too.
  • Dereck Rose is playing good basketball for Chicago his second game isn’t us good us the first one scoring wise, but what makes the Bulls dangerous is that they have more offensive options they need Rose to be aggressive and creative and not really as a dominant scorer.

Bad Surprises :

  • Kyle Lowry is not the same after his injury, it’s sad to say it but he is hurting his team. Casey may have to play Vasquez more to have a chance at this point they really have nothing to loose being down 2-0 it’s time to gamble.
  • The bad surprise is there is no surprise there is no team playing above there level surpassing them self’s in those firsts playoff games.

Hope things change, and in the NBA things change quickly. Last year we had the best first rounds of the playoffs ever, and i think this year we will have the best second round of the playoffs ever.

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NBA Playoffs : Day2 Review

Cleveland 113 Vs. 100 Boston

Cleveland get some adversity in the first quarter but after that it was all Cleveland Kyrie and Love get their first the playoffs game and they did very well, on the other side Boston does not have enough talent to compete. It was a well controlled game and i don’t see any adjustment that can make this series more competitive.

Atlanta 99 Vs. 92 Brooklyn

Brooklyn kept this game close and watchable but i never felt that they have a chance to win it. Atlanta is for reel they moved the ball and they fined the open man sometimes it’s Korver sometimes is others, they just get open looks easily. Maybe playing throw Lopez a lot may help Brooklyn do better next game.

Memphis 100 Vs. 86 Portland

Memphis getting the 100 mark means most of the time a win, it was no different here they got the win by defending Aldridge and Lillard very well. I expect Portland’s stars to do well  next game but my major concern is there defense, they had the same problem that they had last year with T. Parker, they can’t defend the pick and roll when the guard is a very good mid-range shooter and Udrih hurt them. Maybe putting Batum on the guard will help.

L.A. Clippers 107 Vs. 92 San Antonio

We had a pretty even first half, not good one basketball wise but a close one. The third quarter was the key one and it was all Clippers DeAndre was great in defense and CP3 and Griffin were greats in offense even Crawford looked good. In the 4th quarter the champs showed a lot of hearts and their bench get them back in the game but the clippers just where too much to handle for the Spurs tonight. Us much as i was disappointed of the first half i was so happy about the second one i’m talking about basketball quality.

What we know after Day 2 of the playoffs, home sweet home all teams playing at home won, Atlanta is for reel, Memphis is getting healthy, and the stars are balling.

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NBA Playoffs : Day1 Review

It’s playoff time and we have had a full day of basketball.

Toronto 86 Vs. 93 Washington

I said that on my preview this one is a bad team versus a very bad team, but i was thinking of Toronto as the bad team, not the case in this one. P. Pierce is still telling the Truth comes playoff time he had the game high with 20 points. It was Raptor’s bench against Wizards starters and guess what the starters won, when you have your best 2 players (Lowry and DeRozan) combining for 8 of 30 u can’t win. Yes the game was close and we had our first over time of the 2015 post season but it was still a bad basketball game quality wise.

Golden State 106 Vs. 99 New Orleans

We had a game of runs here, every time Golden State got a big lead they relax and let a very combative but less talented New Orleans team come close. At the end it is only an 7 points game but during the entire 48 minutes i never thought that the Pelicans could win.

Chicago 103 Vs. 91 Milwaukee

This one was all Chicago, first time i’m saying it Thibodeau’s team is playing some good offense really sharing the ball with 30 assists, i’m also happy to see D. Rose healthy and balling. I was thinking that the Bulls big that will dominate, not in this one the guards did the job and did it well.

Houston 118 Vs. 108 Dallas

I was expecting a lot of hack a Howard or any other bad free throw shooter in the Rockets team, i’m very happy it wasn’t the case. It was a pretty fluid game, Dirk doesn’t get a lot of helps from his « stars«  teammates (Parson and Ellis), on the other side the Rockets team did it by comity Ariza, Jones and Brewer had a great game that covers for Howard’s foul trouble, of course Harden was Harden.

What we know after 1 day in post season, Dirk is still the man in Dallas, Pierce still have some basketball in him, A. Davis is for reel, Curry and Harden are great and a very good surprise D.Rose is back.

NBA playoffs Preview : The West

Let’s see what is waiting for us in the wild wild west.

#1 Golden State Vs. #8 New Orleans

  • Home Court : Golden State have it, there home crowd is the best in the league and facing a very young team tha will give them an extra edge.
  • Coaching : We have 2 coaches with no playoffs experience as coaches, but Steve Keer having Alvin Gentry as an assistant coach will help him a lot. I give the edge to
  • Starting Five : I have the center position even between Asik and Bogut, in the 4 position i will take Davis over Green (Green will gives problems for Davis forcing him to go outside the paint to defend him) beside that it’s all Golden State the splash brothers will be a nightmare for a slow New Orleans back court in the persons of Gordon and Evans. I’m giving the Edge to Golden State in this one.
  • Bench : Hollidays and Anderson will help New Orleans but Golden State are 12 deep and they all have there moments during the regular season, so they will be ready if needed. Edge goes to Golden State in this one.

The New Orleans celebration after the last game of the regular season tells me a lot, they achieved there goal by going to the playoffs now it’s bonus basketball for them, on the other side the goal is much different they are thinking championship. That’s why i think it will be a quick series 4-0 for Golden State.

#2 Houston Vs. #7 Dallas

  • Home Court : Houston have it, but with 2 teams loaded with veterans i don’t think of it as a big deal unless the series goes to a 7th game. A slight edge for Houston in this one.
  • Coaching : Kevin McHale wasn’t able to adjust to Aldridge domination last year it took him 2 game to do so, on the other side Carlisle is one of the best in the business (i have him at number 3 in the league behind Doc and Pop) he have a neck for finding weaknesses and mismatches. I give the edge to Dallas in this one.
  • Starting Five : I don’t know how many minutes Howard will play but if healthy i will give it to him over Chandler, in the 4 position of course i’m taking Nowitzki in the 3 i’m going with Parson if healthy (i think he is they preserved him a lot in the end of the season) at the 2 Harden Harden Harden not much to say there he is my MVP of the league so, and in point guard position beside an aging Prigioni or Terry a don’t see any other PG in Houston’s roster it can’t do it against Rondo. I will give a slight edge to Dallas here.
  • Bench : We have Stoudemire, Harris, Barea and Jefferson on one side and Brewer and Josh Smith on the other. For me the edge is for Dallas in this one.

This series is Harden againt a decent team and a great coach, the question is as good as Harden is can he win 4 games? The answer for me is No. that’s why i’m going with Dallas in 6 games.

#3 L.A. Clippers Vs. #6 San Antonio

  • Home Court : Clippers got this one, but with 2 teams loaded with veterans and well coached i don’t see it as a big factor. If there is a 7th game it is better to have it at home. That’s why i give slight edge the Clippers here.
  • Coaching : We have here the best coach in the in the person of Popovich and the 2nd best coach in the person of Doc Rivers this one is even for me.
  • Starting Five : At the PG position it is even for me between CP3 and Parker, it is also even between Green and Redick at the 2 position, at the 3 i’m giving it to Kawhi over Barnes, and the Clippers got the 4 and 5 positions for me they are just too young and too strong for the Spurs bigs. The edge is for the Clippers here.
  • Bench : the Spurs have too much weapons between Ginobili Belineli, Diaw and Mills against Crawford who is not so effective this year, Turkoglu, Davis and the coach’s son Austin. Edge for the Spurs here.

I’m so excited about this series, both teams played there best basketball in the last 2 months of the season, that makes them ready for the playoffs. I think we will see the best basketball of all the firsts rounds here. I will say if it’s a 6 games series i go with the Spurs and if it goes to a 7th game i go with the Clippers.

#4 Portland Vs. #5 Memphis

  • Home Court : Memphis have it in this one, i think it will helps them is a close series, either team could win in the road but i will give a slight edge to Memphis here.
  • Coaching : Both coaches don’t have much playoffs experience as it is there second trip the the post season, but just because Portland did advance to the sencond roun last year i will give a sight edge to Portland in this one.
  • Starting Five : I hope that both teams are healthy and ready here, so at the PG it is even for me between Lillard and Conley, i call it even at the 3 position between Batum and Green, it is also even at the 4 position between Aldridge and Zebo, at the 5 position of course Marc Gasol, and i will take Afflalo over Lee at the 2 position. This how close it is here i will say that the starters are even here.
  • Bench : I don’t see much scoring coming from Portland bench Kaman and Blake not much of a scorers (that’s where Wes Matthews injury hurts a lot) on the other side between Udrih, Koufos and a well rested Carter will give Portland the edge.

We have an outside shooting team in Portland versus an inside team in Memphis, i think Portland will tired after 4 games against those hard workers that Memphis have, that’s why i’m going with Memphis in 6 games.

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NBA playoffs Preview : The East

Finally we are set for some playoffs basketball, after a crazy season and a crazy last night. The playoffs starts saturday so let’s see what is waiting for us in all first rounds series in the east.

#1 Atlanta Vs. #8 Brooklyn

  • Home court : Atlanta have home court advantage in this one and will make good use of it, they have some young unexperimented players coming of the bench like Schroder, and they will need home court comfort to play to the best of their abilities.
  • Coaching : I liked Hollins with Memphis but with this Brooklyn’s team i didn’t see any improvement from last year team, they are still playing more as individuals than as a team for me, too much isolation in offense and not much help in defense. Budenholzer he is just an NBA coach of the year candidate, he did improve this team very very much and he deserve all the credits for that, he may lack playoff experience as a head coach with his only appearance in the post season coming last year in his first season as head coach, but they did very well against Indiana last year taking them to 7 games making wining on the road. I give the edge in this one to Budenholzer because of his coaching abilities and also because of the Atlanta roster being more coach-able.
  • Starting Five : When i see the names Brooklyn looks good, but when i see them playing there is no synergy between them and one on one i don’t see them having an edge over Atlanta’s fives. Offensive and defensive flow a side and judging just on individuals this one is even for me. When i look at team plays Atlanta is far ahead.
  • Bench : Atlanta is 12 deep and the loss of Sefolosha may hurt them a little in defense, but they learned to play without him for long stretch when he was injured. I will give the edge in this one to Atlanta.

This series is team basketball versus isolation basketball. So i see Atlanta wining in an easy 4-0 or a 4-1.

#2 Cleveland Vs. #7 Boston

  • Home court : Cleveland have it, and for there coach, for Kyrie and for Love it will be good to have the first game at home, not that they need it but they will feel good having it. Against a young Boston team i give the edge to Cleveland in this one.
  • Coaching : Not much playoffs experience for both coaches, yes Blatt won the Euroleague before but i really need to wait and see for this one who will make the in game adjustments and between games adjustments. This one breaks even for me.
  • Starting Five : When you have King James you are having a pretty good head start, but Cleveland is not only Lebron they really are a complementary five, and they dominate Boston’s five talent wise and synergy wise. So edge goes to Cleveland.
  • Bench : Cleveland do not have this scoring spark coming of the bench someone like Isiah Thomas, but they have some very good shooting, and as long as they are keeping one of the 3 (Lebron, Kyrie, or J.R Smith) on the court they can generate enough offense. I’m giving an edge on the back-up point guard to Boston, but overall Cleveland’ bench is better.

This series is a young and still learning team against a championship contender. So it will be an easy win for Cleveland 4-0 or 4-1.

#3 Chicago Vs. #6 Milwaukee

  • Home Court : Chicago have it, but it will not help them as much as it will hurt a young Milwaukee team, and that’s why i’m giving an edge to Chicago for this one.
  • Coaching : Kidd have done a great job this season, but i can’t go against Thibodeau who have getting the most of his team year in and year out, and Chicago having more offensive punch doesn’t hurt him. I’m giving the edge to Chicago here.
  • Starting Five : Milwaukee will have the better match-up at the 3 position with Antetokoumpo against Dunleavy but that’s the only favorable match-up they have. The edge is in Chicago’s side in this one.
  • Bench : Chicago is too much for Milwaukee they have offense with Mirotic and Brooks, and defense with Gibson and Snell, against O.J Mayo, Bayless and Dudley, it’s just not enough. Edge goes for Chicago.

This series is youth versus experience and i’m going for Chicago in a well fought series that will ends in 6 games.

# 4 Toronto Vs. #5 Washington

  • Home Court : Toronto Have it and will need it badly in this series. The home crowd is great and if there is a game 7 it will helps them alot.
  • Coaching : Kasey kept his team together in tough moments this season even when players weren’t performing at there level (Terrence Ross, and Valanciunas), on the other side a saw a Washington team fall apart with not much cohesion. Toronto take the edge here.
  • Starting Five : If healthy and balling which is not the case here for both teams here, i like Washington more they can pound the ball down low and they have more shooting at the 2 and 3 positions. Washington have the edge in this one.
  • Bench : Sessions, Porter,Rusual Butler and Gooden is just not enough for me against Ross, Vasquez, Hansbrough and of course Lou Williams. Toronto got this one.

This series is so tricky, i hope i have a time machine so i can bring the teams that were balling in the early months of the regular season. Unfortunately there is no time machine and we are stuck with 2 teams that are not playing good basketball going to the playoffs. So this series is the very bad against the bad, and i’m going with the bad and that is Toronto in 7 games.

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NBA Playoffs : Last Call Last Call

It is the last game of the regular season and we still don’t know who’s in the playoffs and who’s not.

I will not talk about the seeding in the west from 2 to 6, i will only talk about the last playoffs spots in the east and in the west.

The East :

One spot is still up for grab between Brooklyn and Indiana, Brooklyn is hosting Orlando and needs this win to keep there playoff hopes alive. At the same time Indiana is going to Memphis having there destiny on there hands a win for them equals a playoff spot.

I see Indiana wining in Memphis and getting their tickets for the post season.

The West :

There is also a spot up for grab between Oklahoma City and New Orleans, if New Orleans at home wins against the Spurs they are in the playoffs, if not they are opening the door for Oklahoma city who is playing in Minnesota.

I see New Orleans loosing to the hot hot Spurs (the Spurs needs this one to get the 2 spot in the west), and at the same time Westbrook will get the win for his OKC.

Indiana and Oklahoma City will play the playoffs this year.