NBA Playoffs : Day2 Review

Cleveland 113 Vs. 100 Boston

Cleveland get some adversity in the first quarter but after that it was all Cleveland Kyrie and Love get their first the playoffs game and they did very well, on the other side Boston does not have enough talent to compete. It was a well controlled game and i don’t see any adjustment that can make this series more competitive.

Atlanta 99 Vs. 92 Brooklyn

Brooklyn kept this game close and watchable but i never felt that they have a chance to win it. Atlanta is for reel they moved the ball and they fined the open man sometimes it’s Korver sometimes is others, they just get open looks easily. Maybe playing throw Lopez a lot may help Brooklyn do better next game.

Memphis 100 Vs. 86 Portland

Memphis getting the 100 mark means most of the time a win, it was no different here they got the win by defending Aldridge and Lillard very well. I expect Portland’s stars to do well  next game but my major concern is there defense, they had the same problem that they had last year with T. Parker, they can’t defend the pick and roll when the guard is a very good mid-range shooter and Udrih hurt them. Maybe putting Batum on the guard will help.

L.A. Clippers 107 Vs. 92 San Antonio

We had a pretty even first half, not good one basketball wise but a close one. The third quarter was the key one and it was all Clippers DeAndre was great in defense and CP3 and Griffin were greats in offense even Crawford looked good. In the 4th quarter the champs showed a lot of hearts and their bench get them back in the game but the clippers just where too much to handle for the Spurs tonight. Us much as i was disappointed of the first half i was so happy about the second one i’m talking about basketball quality.

What we know after Day 2 of the playoffs, home sweet home all teams playing at home won, Atlanta is for reel, Memphis is getting healthy, and the stars are balling.

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