NBA Playoffs : Day1 Review

It’s playoff time and we have had a full day of basketball.

Toronto 86 Vs. 93 Washington

I said that on my preview this one is a bad team versus a very bad team, but i was thinking of Toronto as the bad team, not the case in this one. P. Pierce is still telling the Truth comes playoff time he had the game high with 20 points. It was Raptor’s bench against Wizards starters and guess what the starters won, when you have your best 2 players (Lowry and DeRozan) combining for 8 of 30 u can’t win. Yes the game was close and we had our first over time of the 2015 post season but it was still a bad basketball game quality wise.

Golden State 106 Vs. 99 New Orleans

We had a game of runs here, every time Golden State got a big lead they relax and let a very combative but less talented New Orleans team come close. At the end it is only an 7 points game but during the entire 48 minutes i never thought that the Pelicans could win.

Chicago 103 Vs. 91 Milwaukee

This one was all Chicago, first time i’m saying it Thibodeau’s team is playing some good offense really sharing the ball with 30 assists, i’m also happy to see D. Rose healthy and balling. I was thinking that the Bulls big that will dominate, not in this one the guards did the job and did it well.

Houston 118 Vs. 108 Dallas

I was expecting a lot of hack a Howard or any other bad free throw shooter in the Rockets team, i’m very happy it wasn’t the case. It was a pretty fluid game, Dirk doesn’t get a lot of helps from his « stars«  teammates (Parson and Ellis), on the other side the Rockets team did it by comity Ariza, Jones and Brewer had a great game that covers for Howard’s foul trouble, of course Harden was Harden.

What we know after 1 day in post season, Dirk is still the man in Dallas, Pierce still have some basketball in him, A. Davis is for reel, Curry and Harden are great and a very good surprise D.Rose is back.


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