NBA playoffs Preview : The West

Let’s see what is waiting for us in the wild wild west.

#1 Golden State Vs. #8 New Orleans

  • Home Court : Golden State have it, there home crowd is the best in the league and facing a very young team tha will give them an extra edge.
  • Coaching : We have 2 coaches with no playoffs experience as coaches, but Steve Keer having Alvin Gentry as an assistant coach will help him a lot. I give the edge to
  • Starting Five : I have the center position even between Asik and Bogut, in the 4 position i will take Davis over Green (Green will gives problems for Davis forcing him to go outside the paint to defend him) beside that it’s all Golden State the splash brothers will be a nightmare for a slow New Orleans back court in the persons of Gordon and Evans. I’m giving the Edge to Golden State in this one.
  • Bench : Hollidays and Anderson will help New Orleans but Golden State are 12 deep and they all have there moments during the regular season, so they will be ready if needed. Edge goes to Golden State in this one.

The New Orleans celebration after the last game of the regular season tells me a lot, they achieved there goal by going to the playoffs now it’s bonus basketball for them, on the other side the goal is much different they are thinking championship. That’s why i think it will be a quick series 4-0 for Golden State.

#2 Houston Vs. #7 Dallas

  • Home Court : Houston have it, but with 2 teams loaded with veterans i don’t think of it as a big deal unless the series goes to a 7th game. A slight edge for Houston in this one.
  • Coaching : Kevin McHale wasn’t able to adjust to Aldridge domination last year it took him 2 game to do so, on the other side Carlisle is one of the best in the business (i have him at number 3 in the league behind Doc and Pop) he have a neck for finding weaknesses and mismatches. I give the edge to Dallas in this one.
  • Starting Five : I don’t know how many minutes Howard will play but if healthy i will give it to him over Chandler, in the 4 position of course i’m taking Nowitzki in the 3 i’m going with Parson if healthy (i think he is they preserved him a lot in the end of the season) at the 2 Harden Harden Harden not much to say there he is my MVP of the league so, and in point guard position beside an aging Prigioni or Terry a don’t see any other PG in Houston’s roster it can’t do it against Rondo. I will give a slight edge to Dallas here.
  • Bench : We have Stoudemire, Harris, Barea and Jefferson on one side and Brewer and Josh Smith on the other. For me the edge is for Dallas in this one.

This series is Harden againt a decent team and a great coach, the question is as good as Harden is can he win 4 games? The answer for me is No. that’s why i’m going with Dallas in 6 games.

#3 L.A. Clippers Vs. #6 San Antonio

  • Home Court : Clippers got this one, but with 2 teams loaded with veterans and well coached i don’t see it as a big factor. If there is a 7th game it is better to have it at home. That’s why i give slight edge the Clippers here.
  • Coaching : We have here the best coach in the in the person of Popovich and the 2nd best coach in the person of Doc Rivers this one is even for me.
  • Starting Five : At the PG position it is even for me between CP3 and Parker, it is also even between Green and Redick at the 2 position, at the 3 i’m giving it to Kawhi over Barnes, and the Clippers got the 4 and 5 positions for me they are just too young and too strong for the Spurs bigs. The edge is for the Clippers here.
  • Bench : the Spurs have too much weapons between Ginobili Belineli, Diaw and Mills against Crawford who is not so effective this year, Turkoglu, Davis and the coach’s son Austin. Edge for the Spurs here.

I’m so excited about this series, both teams played there best basketball in the last 2 months of the season, that makes them ready for the playoffs. I think we will see the best basketball of all the firsts rounds here. I will say if it’s a 6 games series i go with the Spurs and if it goes to a 7th game i go with the Clippers.

#4 Portland Vs. #5 Memphis

  • Home Court : Memphis have it in this one, i think it will helps them is a close series, either team could win in the road but i will give a slight edge to Memphis here.
  • Coaching : Both coaches don’t have much playoffs experience as it is there second trip the the post season, but just because Portland did advance to the sencond roun last year i will give a sight edge to Portland in this one.
  • Starting Five : I hope that both teams are healthy and ready here, so at the PG it is even for me between Lillard and Conley, i call it even at the 3 position between Batum and Green, it is also even at the 4 position between Aldridge and Zebo, at the 5 position of course Marc Gasol, and i will take Afflalo over Lee at the 2 position. This how close it is here i will say that the starters are even here.
  • Bench : I don’t see much scoring coming from Portland bench Kaman and Blake not much of a scorers (that’s where Wes Matthews injury hurts a lot) on the other side between Udrih, Koufos and a well rested Carter will give Portland the edge.

We have an outside shooting team in Portland versus an inside team in Memphis, i think Portland will tired after 4 games against those hard workers that Memphis have, that’s why i’m going with Memphis in 6 games.

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