Picks : NBA April 8th

Hi guys let’s give away some NBA picks, it is the end of the season and things are getting tricky who is playing and who is resting, there are still some playoff implicatios but not for all teams so let’s do this.

Pick1 : BOS Celtics @ DET Pistons i’m going with Boston at (-1.5)

Boston really needs this win to stay in the 8th place they are only a half game in front of Miami, i think Celtics’s will preveals in this one.

Pick2 : PHX Suns @ DAL Mavs i’m going with the Mavs at (-8.5)

The Suns have a little chance to get to the playoffs, but they are just playing bad, the Mavs also not playing to their potentiel, but they had 3 days of rest and as coach Carisle said they need to play better in those last regular season games, so i dont expect them to rest anybody that’s why i’m going with them.


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